Vanguard EZCT10 CT Analyser

The Vanguard EZCT10 current transformer analyser performs excitation tests as specified by the ANSI/IEEE C57.13.1, IEC 60044-1 methodology. It also has a built-in thermal printer that can plot up to 10 knee-point voltages and excitation curves. The EZCT10 can also determine the current-ratio of current transformers using the ANSI/IEEE C57.12.90 measurement technique. Winding polarity is displayed as in-phase (+) or out-of-phase (-) sign and annotated with the phase angle.

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The Vanguard EZCT10 is a microprocessor-based, current-transformer test set that measures excitation current, turns ratio and winding polarity on single and multi-ratio current transformers. Current transformers can be tested in their field-mounted configuration, eliminating the need to remove bushings or current transformers from the host equipment. The test set determines the current-transformer turns ratio by accurately measuring the voltages across the primary and secondary windings (a direct proportion) and then displaying the voltage ratio. Turns ratio is measured from 0.8 through 5,000 to 1.0 with an accuracy of 0.5% or better. Winding polarity displays as a + or – sign and is also annotated with the phase in degrees.

Brief Specs:

Output Test Voltage

  • 0 to 50V ac @ 10A max.
  • 0 to 250C ac @ 10A max.
  • 0 to 1,200V ac @ 1.5A max. (5 min ON, 10 min OFF)

Voltage Reading Range

  • 0 to 1250V, Accuracy: ± 1.0% of reading, ± 0.5V

Current Reading Range

  • 0 to 10A, Accuracy: ± 1.0% of reading, ± 0.02A

Turns-Ratio Range

  • 0.8 to 99, Accuracy: ± 1.0%
  • 100 to 999, Accuracy: ± 2.0%
  • 1000 to 5000, Accuracy: ± 3.0%

Phase Angle Measurement

  • 0 to 360 Degrees, Accuracy: ± 1.0 degree


  • Backlit, 4 lines by 20 characters

Test Storage

  • 128 Test records (of 10 curves)

Computer Interface

  • RS-232, 19,200 Baud

Operating Temperature

  • -10°C to 50°C

Storage Temperature

  • -30°C to 70°C


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