Omicron OMS605 PD Monitoring System

The OMS 605 is a portable partial discharge (PD) monitoring system designed for online inspections of high-voltage assets under load.
It can be easily connected to existing sensors installed at the asset, e.g. coupling capacitors or high frequency current transformers.
PD data is analysed and displayed by the supplied software.

Description –
The OMS 605 is a portable, IEC 60270 compliant on-line partial discharge (PD) diagnosis and monitoring system designed for the periodic evaluation of the insulation condition in medium-voltage and high-voltage assets under load. All of the required hardware for periodic PD diagnosis and monitoring is contained in a wheeled case for easy transport to different locations. The OMS 605 can be used with a variety of capacitive and inductive PD sensors for the entire frequency range relevant to PD signals, including the ultra-high frequency range. Synchronous three-channel PD data acquisition ensures complete PD data acquisition. A fourth channel is available for an additional PD sensor or for noise gating hardware. Advanced noise and PD source separation techniques ensure reliable PD detection. The OMS 605 software visualizes the data and allows users to record live data streams and to conduct detailed post-analysis.

Features –
• 3 + 1 channels for synchronized data acquisition
• Real-time data processing, comprehensive analysis and data reporting
• Easily transportable by wheels allows testing at different locations
• Heavy-duty measurement system for industrial environments (IP65)
• Plug and play modules for fast system set-up
• Unique PD source separation methods (3PARD/3CFRD)
• Gating methods (amplitude-, phase-, dynamic-, frequency-, channel-, 3PARD/3CFRD-gating)

Brief Specs –
Variable Centre Frequency: 0 … 32 MHz
Frequency Domain Bandwidth: 9 kHz; 30 kHz; 100 kHz; 300 kHz; 1 MHz; 3 MHz
PD Event Time Resolution: < 2 ns Sampling Rate V input: 100 kS/s PD input: 64 MS/s Input Frequency Range: V input: 0 ... 2.1 kHz PD input: 0 ... 20 MHz Input Impedance V input: 1 MΩ (parallel 1 µF) PD input: 50 Ω Dynamic Range V input: 102 dB / range PD input: 70 dB / range; total 132 dB


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