Omicron MCC 210 Coupling Capacitor

The Omicron MCC 210 Coupling Capacitor is designed with the quadripole measuring impedance built in and include a dedicated space for the MPD measuring unit and the MPP power pack. Thus, the measuring cable lengths are kept to a minimum with consequent improvements in the quality of the PD measurement. Due to the mounted wheels, they are easy to handle

Brief Specs:

Umax (rms / phase-to-ground):  100kV

CNominal (± 10%):                   1.0nF

Withstand Voltage (1 min):       150 kV

QPD:                                         < 1 pC @ 100kV

Scope of delivery:                     Corona ring – BNC connection cables – Integrated CPL quadripole (MCC 210 only)


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