EA Technology UltraTEV Plus

The UltraTEV Plus combines the functionality of the UltraTEV Detector and UltraMet, all in one hand held device.


  • Ultrasonic detection of surface PD activity as numerical values and as audible signals
  • Measurement of internal PD activity in the form of Transient Earth Voltage(TEV) signals
  • Continuous PD measurement mode, incorporating displays of maximum level, pulse count per cycle, severity level etc
  • Single shot PD measurement function
  • UltraDish waveform concentrator with laser pointer for overhead line equipment 


  • The core functionality of the UltraTEV plus is a combination of the UltraTEV detector and UltraMet plus
  • Detects and Measures PD activity as numerical values for both ultrasonic and TEV emissions
  • Menu Driven backlit colour screen and keypad
  • Locate and listen to ultrasonic PD activity with headphones included
  • Switchable modes one-shot PD Detection or continuous measurement
  • Lightweight, tough and ergonomically designed



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