From general on site use to full mine specification, Precise Facilities has a fleet of vehicles which will meet the highest equipment fit-out and maintenance standards and will pass any specification compliance test.

Our fleet of full mine specification single and dual cab diesel vehicles are fitted with steel trays or canopies, ARB bulbar, internal and external roll over bars, 77ch UHF radios fitted with Bluetooth, an In Vehicle Management System (IVMS) device to provide an accurate location and detailed status 24 hours a day, high mounted LED lights, LED amber beacons, reverse buzzers, clutch depression interlock, headlights on kit, handbrake alarms, battery isolators and all required OH&S safety equipment.

Precise facilities can also provide a range of general use site vehicles to allow you to comfortably and safely transport people and equipment to and from and around project sites when full mine specification is not required.