Precise Facilities offers a full range of inverter technology generator sets to complement our already exemplary range of high quality Test and Measurement Equipment and Fleet range of services. There is now an ever growing demand for precision test and installation equipment, and much of this is in remote locations or at unpowered project and construction sites. This brings the problem of how to power the equipment.

Precise Facilities have approached many of the leading manufacturers of high quality diesel generators and have sourced high reliability generators with inverter technology to power even the most demanding pieces of equipment safely and efficiently.

We stock generators ranging from 6kVA up to 100kVA, and we can supply optional extras such as earth stakes and multi combination power outlets. Our larger generators are supplied with lockable, sound attenuated, weatherproofed enclosures and are generally skid mounted. These are designed to be used in all the major mine sites and project construction sites around Australia. Our smaller generators are customised to suit smaller technician teams needing an off grid power supply. Our mobile stores and calibration labs are also coupled with these generators to ensure the power provided to these facilities is high quality and safe.