C.Scope MXL MXT Cable Locator

The MXL and MXT are designed to detect, identify and trace specific buried pipes and cables reliably and accurately, even in the most congested areas. A simple to use pick up and go locating package, the MXL/MXT system performs both depth and signal current measurements to locate and identify services. An innovative AllScan mode allows searching in all frequencies from 50Hz to 33kHz for complete site surveys.

The MXL Locator uses the latest in digital signal processing to allow quick and clear tracing of pipes and cables in even the most difficult of environments. Four separate locating modes including the new AllScan mode make the MXL the most versatile of Locators. Push button Depth Measurement and Signal Current Measurement features allow buried services to be identified quickly and accurately. The MXT Transmitter is a multi-frequency, higher power transmitter that is especially useful for the utility technician. It features three signal frequencies to choose from and provides longer distance tracing than previously possible.

Brief Specs:


Classic Power Mode
Allows for most buried power cables to be detected and traced quickly and effectively.

Sharp and Sensitive Radio Mode
Detects many of the buried metallic services apart from power.

Multi Frequency Transmitter Modes
Detect 33kHz, 8kHz and 512Hz/640Hz signals from the MXT Transmitter or a Sonde.

Allscan Mode
Uniquely listens for all frequencies ranging from the lowest of the power signals right up to and including 33kHz. This all-in–one mode detects unusual frequency signals present on pipes and cables as well as the conventional power, radio or transmitter Modes.

Depth Measurement
Shows the depth of buried pipes and cables at the push of a button. The advanced digital signal processing of the MXL Locator offers accurate results.

Signal Current Measurement
The MXL can monitor the true strength of the MXT Transmitter signal applied to a buried service irrespective of its depth. This is ideal for identifying the layout of a pipe or cable network.


One Watt Power Output
Three times the power output of standard Signal Generators providing longer distance tracing.

Power Level Adjustment
User able to control how much power to use and when.

Pulsed or Continuous Signal Output
Switch to the Pulsed Mode, at the push of a button, in high interference situations and keep on tracing.

Three Signal Frequencies
33kHz for most applications, 8kHz for longer distance tracing and the ultra low 512Hz/640Hz for specialist tracing.

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