BJM All-Test IV Motor Analyser

A versatile instrument the BJM ALL-TEST IV Motor Analyser works on all types and sizes of motors including induction, synchronous, servo and DC. Its sensitivity allows it to detect faults at their earliest stages, before motor failure and will detect “deep” winding faults that even a surge test will miss. Operation is menu driven with on-screen prompts and most tests take only a minute and give a complete picture of motor health. Tests can be taken from the motor control center, through hundreds of meters of cable.  The companion software provides fault diagnosis plus trending of all data.

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The BJM All-Test IV is an excellent handheld analytical instrument for detecting and trending potential winding faults in AC and DC motors, transformers (distribution and transmission), generators, alternators and other devices with windings. It can also be used for off-line rotor testing for issues such as eccentricity, broken/fractured rotor bars, and casting voids. The ATIV will test fractional horsepower motors to large synchronous machines with established and easy to understand test measurement rules.

Along with an insulation to ground test the BJM All-Test IV measures resistance (R), phase angle (Fi), current/frequency response (I/F), impedance (Z) and inductance (L). Up to 500 motor tests can be stored and the test results can be sent to the provided computer software via the PC interface. The software offers analysis, trending and reporting for single and three phase AC induction motors.

Brief Specs:

  • Automatic test mode with on screen prompts for ease of use.
  • Results immediately displayed for field evaluation.
  • Memory capacity to store 500 tests with ability to upload test results to a PC.
  • Test from the Motor Control Center for quick and easy testing of hard to reach motors.
  • Safe for Operators and Equipment
  • All tests are performed on de-energized circuits.
  • Measurement technology is low voltage and current and completely non-destructive.
  • Regular and repeated testing will not affect the life of the windings.
  • A single 2 minute test evaluates the windings, cabling, and connections.
  • Additional tests evaluate the rotor, capacitors and cabling to pinpoint fault.
  • Detects motor faults at their earliest stages including conditions such as deteriorating or contaminated insulation
  • Light weight, hand held, battery powered and can test any size motor.
  • Performs tests on
    • All types of motors: induction, synchronous, DC, brushless DC, servo,wound rotor, even single phase motors.
    • All Components: induction windings and rotors, DC shunt and field windings, armatures, Field and rotor coils in synchronous motors.
    • Transformers: Single and 3-phase, pole and pad mounted.

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