• February 9, 2018
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Precise Equipment is pleased to announce the Omicron OMS 605 to its fleet.

The Omicron OMS 605 is a portable, IEC 60270 compliant partial discharge (PD) diagnosis and monitoring system designed for evaluation of the insulation condition in medium-voltage and high-voltage assets. The unit is capable of both online and offline PD testing.

The OMS 605 can be used with a variety of capacitive and inductive PD sensors for the entire frequency range relevant to PD signals, including the ultra-high frequency range.

Synchronous three-channel PD data acquisition ensures complete PD data acquisition. A fourth channel is available for an additional PD sensor or for noise gating hardware. Advanced noise and PD source separation techniques ensure reliable PD detection making the OMS 605 one of the most advanced and accurate PD measuring devices available.

The OMS 605 software visualizes the data and allows users to record live data streams and to conduct detailed post-analysis.  



The OMS 605 is the perfect solution for PD diagnosis and monitoring in order to evaluate insulation condition in MV and HV assets, including:

• Motors and generators

• HV cables

• MV and HV switchgear

• Power transformers

Omicron OMS 605


Technical Support

If you require an accurate comprehensive condition analysis with trend data on your assets, Present Group offers a complete solution. We offer trained and competent technicians and engineers with the required equipment to perform the testing in conformance with Australian and International Standards.

For more information on the OMS 605 and other rental assets, please contact one of our staff on 1300 736 292 or email us at sales@precisefacilities.com.au.