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Our scope includes calibration of the following instrumentation:

- Analogue and Digital Multimeters
- Chart Recorders
- Clamp Meters
- CT Analysers
- Decade Boxes
- Data Loggers
- Earth Testers
- Frequency Generators/Counters/Timers
- High Voltage Test Sets to 150KV AC/DC
- Hipot/VLF Testers to 150KV AC/DC
- Injection Sets
- Installation Testers
- Micro-ohmmeters
- Multifunction Calibrators
- Multifunction Process Meters
- Millivolt/Milliamp Sources

- Optical Tachometers
- Oscilloscopes
- PAT Testers
- Partial Discharge
- Phase Rotation Meters
- Power Quality AnalysersProcess
- Instrumentation/Calibrators
- Power Supplies
- Primary Current Injection Sets
- Process Instrumentation/Calibrators
- RCD Testers – Relay Test Sets
- Secondary Current Injection Sets
- Substation Test Sets
- Tan Delta
- Transformer Turns Ratio Testers
- Winding Ohmmeters

If your equipment is not listed above do not hesitate to contact us directly to see if it can be calibrated.

Precise Calibration offer traceable calibrations to Australian National Standards. All calibration reports are issued in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 and we are able to offer fast turnaround times to our customers. 

Whether it is a one off calibration or a regular calibration program to meet your ISO 9000 Quality System requirements, Precise Calibration can help you with all your calibration needs.

Our calibration software allows Precise Calibration to generate a recall report to inform our customers when equipment is due for calibration.

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